“You are the architect of your reality and the gardener of your soul.” ~Claudia Thompson (2000)

Are you running to the go-go-go pace of the culture? Follow a different drummer and dance to the rhythms of your soul.

Follow me as we tune into the magical rhythms of all life on Earth...the rhythms of the Moon. We’ll harness the energy of the heavens, align/harmonize spirit and soul, and tap into the real secret to the right timing for everything.

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About Claudia

Fifty years ago this year, I took my first Astrology class with my Mother. It opened the door to an unending journey to understand how the universe connects to all life through each of us. How did I come to have a passion for the Moon?

Two decades ago, I walked away from a successful creative career as an Emmy Award-Winning Hair Designer and Make-Up Artist and a 6 figure income. I was in search of a great life, not just a great resume…and a life as a human being rather than a human doing. I was living a very solar-go-go-o sort of life. My work at this pace left little time for all I wanted to experience and express. I was burned out.

I moved out of L.A. to a seaside town in the Bay Area of Northern California. I lived in a nurturing community of gardeners, artists, organic farmers, and fishermen and watched the ebb and flow of the tides. In this environment, I discovered my own natural rhythms. I hosted and created a “Star Talk” radio show, and a friend and I launched the very first website on the Moon (other than NASA’S). These provided the inspiration and framework for my development of a simple practical system that enables anyone to harness and utilize these powerful rhythms. As all life on Earth responds and grows in accordance with the timing of these rhythms and their innate wisdom, so I learned how to grow the all-around healthy truly wealthy life I was born to live.

We’re mostly made up of water…over 70% so we’re really motivated by the Moon. In astrologese…the Sun corresponds to Spirit…your conscious expression, what you want, and the way you came to shine through your personality in this lifetime. The Moon signifies your Soul or subconscious emotional nature, what you need, and the way you perceive nurturing and security.

I look forward to sharing this joyful journey of power and magic with you. I’m honored to be your guide as you enjoy living in tune with the true rhythms of your life making your dreams come true right on time.

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You will receive a personalized audio file that is 20-25 minutes in length within 3 days of your purchase.